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About Construction and Technical Details

What kind of maintenance does the floating house require?

Regular maintenance includes periodic structural inspections, maintenance of engines and propulsion systems, electrical and plumbing system checks, deck cleaning and maintenance, and corrosion protection.

How do black and gray water waste work in a floating house?

Gray and black water can be evacuated to the local sewage system at the mooring location. The house also has its own tank to collect these fluids while it is navigating.

Does the floating house have a fire suppression system?

Yes, all floating houses are equipped with fire suppression systems to ensure safety in case of emergencies.

How is the electrical system of the floating house?

The floating house has a 220V electrical circuit and also includes solar panel

What are the specifications of the solar panels?

The floating houses are equipped with four 450W solar panels each.

About Navigation

Is the navigation motor-powered?

Yes, the navigation is powered by two motors with a power of 6kW.

Is prior navigation experience necessary to operate a floating house?

No, it is very easy to learn. It requires only a few hours of training.

About Purchasing

How can I buy a floating house?

To purchase a floating house, you need to contact us through the contact form. There, you can choose different options to get to know us:
1 – Stay in one of the floating houses in our Boat Haus Mediterranean Experience Floatel located in southern Spain.
2- Schedule a visit to our showroom.
3- Coordinate a video call with a specialist.

Once you have decided to purchase, the process begins by selecting the specifications according to your interests. The factory starts working on your floating house, and after 8 months, it will be ready to be transported to the chosen location.

We offer various payment and financing options.

Can I see a Boat Haus floating house before buying it?

Yes, you can visit our showroom to see and even try the floating house. Simply contact us through the form to schedule an appointment. The showroom is part of our Floating Hotel located in La Línea de la Concepción, Province of Cádiz, Spain.

How long does it take from the moment of purchase to the arrival of the floating house at the chosen destination?

From the moment the manufacturing of your floating house is commissioned until it is delivered to the designated location, it takes 8 months.

Does the floating house come with a warranty?

Yes, it comes with a warranty. The length of the warranty depends on the final use of the house.

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