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The Boat Haus Floating Houses

We design and construct high-end sustainable floating houses.

BH Modern

2 rooms

1 bathroom


33m2 covered area

33m2 on upper terrace

BH Luxury

3 rooms

2 bathrooms


54m2 covered area

48m2 on upper terrace

A new concept in architecture

Lightweight structures with high technology

Sustainable and efficient design

Certified materials that are resistant and highly durable

High-performance thermal and waterproof insulation

Smooth and textured cork exterior cladding

Homes with everything you need for maximum comfort

Floating houses feature state-of-the-art energy-saving elements and are renowned for their innovative design and quality of materials used.

A home that allows you to enjoy both the interior and exterior

  • Fully equipped terrace with weather-resistant outdoor furniture
  • Stainless steel railings that ensure maximum safety
  • Steel navigation control and electric motor to navigate your home and experience true freedom

Boat Haus floating houses are designed for practical and comfortable living on the water all year round, with bright and welcoming interior spaces, optimized views, and outdoor terraces.
Designed and developed with modern and sustainable designs that allow everyone to fall in love with life on the water in harmony with the environment.

  • State-of-the-art equipped kitchen
  • Full bathroom with built-in shower cubicle
  • Flexible and functional spaces
  • Master suite with panoramic window

We deliver your floating home fully furnished and ready to use, with a modern design featuring clean lines and high-quality details.

  • Fully equipped kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel sink
  • Breakfast bar
  • 6 cm oven and ceramic glass cooktop
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Aluminum windows with double-glazed air-filled glass
  • Laminate flooring and thermal acoustic cladding
  • Closet interiors
  • Full bathrooms with glass-enclosed showers
  • TV and WiFi connections
  • Steel and wood staircase
  • Spacious terrace with 360° views
  • Digital access locks

How do we build our floating houses?

We have our own multidisciplinary team involved in every detail of the construction process.

We promote feelings of well-being.

We construct and sell floating houses so that people like you can also experience the wonderful sensations of fulfillment that come with living on the water.

We value water.

We encourage learning about marine life in particular and environmental conservation in general, with the goal of empowering more people to contribute to a positive change for our planet.

We foster minimalist comfort in harmony with nature.

Safety, sustainability, usability, and accessibility are the principles that guide our design and construction, ensuring that your home is a highly functional space to live in while remaining connected to the natural surroundings outside.

Try before you buy.

Our floatel has homes like the ones we build for you. We offer long-term stays so you can decide if life on the water is right for you or not.

Move in later.

If you’re interested in investing today for your retirement in a floating home, you can purchase a house and rent it out. We offer full management services. Contact us to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn everything about the proper use of the floating house?

We provide a user manual that includes technical specifications, warranties, safety guidelines, buoyancy information, and electrical circuits.

Can I personalize my floating house?

You can choose specific furniture items from our catalog and add additional equipment according to your needs. The list of additional equipment options can be found here.

Do different models have the same construction and quality characteristics?

Yes, the difference lies in the size and accommodation capacity of each model.

Can I use my floating house as a primary residence?

Yes, you can use your floating home as a primary residence, given that you adhere to the applicable local regulations and take into account the unique considerations that come with living on the water.

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